Citigroup Inc. announced the redemption, in whole, constituting $1,500,000,000 of its 4.140% Fixed Rate /Floating Rate Notes due 2025 (the ?fixed rate /floating rate notes?), and the redemption, in whole, constituting $500,000,000 of its Floating Rate Notes due 2025 (the ?floating rate notes? and, together with the fixed rate /floating rate notes, the ?notes?). The redemption date for the notes is May 24, 2024 (the ?redemption date?).

The cash redemption price for the notes payable on the redemption date will equal par plus accrued and unpaid interest, to but excluding, the redemption date. The redemptions announced are consistent with Citigroup's liability management strategy, and reflect its ongoing efforts to enhance the efficiency of its funding and capital structure. Citigroup will continue to consider opportunities to redeem or repurchase securities, based on several factors, including without limitation, the economic value, regulatory changes, potential impact on Citigroup's net interest margin and borrowing costs, the overall remaining tenor of Citigroup's debt portfolio, capital impact, as well as overall market conditions.

Beginning on the redemption date, interest will no longer accrue on the notes.