CN announced the appointment of Remi G. Lalonde as Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer of CN effective April 24th, 2024. Remi is succeeding Doug MacDonald who will retire from CN following an impressive career of nearly 35 years. Since his arrival at CN in January, Remi has been embedded within CN?s operations, gaining first-hand experience with scheduled railroading and executing CN?s ?Make the Plan, Run the Plan, Sell the Plan?

model. Following his introduction to operations, Remi has been meeting customers and working closely with Doug and the team to ensure a seamless transition to the commercial side of the organization. The Chief Commercial Officer role is a critical executive role, overseeing CN?s strong and experienced customer-focused team responsible for sales and marketing.

Biographical Notes: Based in Montreal, Remi is the former President and CEO of a publicly traded Quebec-based forest products company with international customers. After several years at a Wall Street law firm, he joined the forest products company as a senior securities counsel. Over his tenure at the company, he served in corporate and customer focused roles, including as Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer and as General Manager for a critical manufacturing facility.

Fluently bilingual in his native French as well as English, Remi holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering from the University of Ottawa. Remi has led teams, executed strategy, managed regulatory matters, engaged with Indigenous communities and stakeholders, headed manufacturing operations, and worked with investors and suppliers. His successful track record of cross-functional experience and first-hand knowledge of the importance of supply chains, as well as his focus on business growth and sustainability, will help drive CN's growth agenda.