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Founder - 30/11/20
Chief Executive Officer - 30/11/20
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Director/Board Member 66 26/07/21
Chief Executive Officer - 30/11/20
Founder - 30/11/20
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BrandShield Systems Plc is a provider of cybersecurity solutions for brand oriented digital risk protection. The principal activity of the Company is the development of a brand protection and online threat hunting solution to prevent, detect and remove online threats, through its research and development center in Israel. Through its artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) platform, it identifies, tracks, and eliminates online threats for brands and organizations, including Bristol Myers Squibb, Levi's, NewBalance, Swisscom, and the Pharmaceutical Security Institute. Its products include brand-oriented digital risk, protection, online brand protection, trademark infringement, marketplace brand protection, executive impersonation, anti-counterfeiting, anti-phishing, social engineering, anti-piracy, grey market, threat distribution, social media fraud, IP infringement and paid AD protection. It adopts a multi-layered approach to the detection and mitigation of online threats.
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