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Beta Pharmaceutical Limited is a Australia-based biopharmaceutical company. The Company is focused on the identification, development and commercialization of products and therapies targeting the chemoprevention and treatment of breast cancer. The Company is working in collaboration with scientists at the College of Pharmacy, University of Louisiana at Monroe in southern the United States of America (ULM) to develop cancer chemopreventive agents using natural phytonutrients, called tocotrienols as treatments for breast cancers. Funded by Beta Pharmaceutical Limited, the applied research programme with ULM includes four laboratories and is known as the Breast Cancer and Health Project, which has been underway.

Number of employees: 495

Sales by Activity: BIGN HLDG

Fiscal Period: June20192020202120222023

Internet Software & Services

19.88M 31.01M 43.87M 108M 122M
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Geographical breakdown of sales: BIGN HLDG

Fiscal Period: June20192020202120222023

United States of America

16.47M 28.19M 39.14M 93.54M 102M

Rest of The World

2.12M 1.03M 3.18M 10.27M 14.77M


1.29M 1.78M 1.55M 4.22M 5.67M
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Managers: BIGN HLDG

Insider TitleAgeSince
Founder - 31/12/10
President - 31/12/11
Chief Operating Officer - 31/10/14
Corporate Officer/Principal - 04/04/18
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Members of the board: BIGN HLDG

Insider TitleAgeSince
Chairman - 27/09/16
Founder - 31/12/10
Director/Board Member - 27/09/16
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Shareholders: BIGN HLDG

Regal Funds Management Pty Ltd.
13.87 %
113,999,655 13.87 % 8 M $
Australian Ethical Investments Ltd. (Investment Management)
10.03 %
82,398,877 10.03 % 6 M $
SQN Investors LP
9.822 %
80,704,740 9.822 % 5 M $
MA Investment Management Pty Ltd.
3.613 %
29,683,410 3.613 % 2 M $
15,311,197 1.863 % 1 M $
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Company details: BIGN HLDG

BigTinCan Holdings Ltd.

338 Pitt Street Level 6

2000, Sydney

address BIGN HLDG(BTH)


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