Bayer has announced a strategic collaboration with Samsung Electronics America to fill data gaps in menopause-associated sleep disorders (MDS).

The two companies will jointly develop an observational study to improve understanding of the burden and impact of menopause-associated sleep disorders using data provided by women through Samsung consumer devices.

Up to 60% of women suffer from sleep disorders during the menopausal transition, including difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

Sleep disorders can have a negative impact on women's health and quality of life, limiting daily activities, including performance at work. Despite this impact on women's health, current treatments do not specifically address sleep disorders associated with menopause.

' 'By joining forces with Samsung and the women who use their devices, we are striving to expand treatment options to help women at all stages of life,' said Juergen Eckhardt, M.D., head of business development and licensing at Bayer's pharmaceutical division.

' With one of the world's largest biomarker datasets collected using wearable devices, Samsung is an ideal partner to enrich the knowledge base on women's health with concrete evidence. '

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