(Alliance News) - Arecor Therapeutics PLC on Monday celebrated results of its insulin AT278.

The Essex, England-based biopharmaceutical firm said AT278 showed a significantly accelerated pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profile compared to NovoRapid and Humulin R U-500 in people with type 2 diabetes and a high body mass index.

Chief Executive Officer Sarah Howell said: "This is a significant step in AT278's development and extends our confidence in its clear potential to provide a superior insulin treatment option that lowers burden and improves outcomes for people living with diabetes who require high daily doses of insulin. Such patients make up a large segment of the target market.

"In addition, as the only concentrated, yet very rapid acting, insulin in development, AT278 has the capability to disrupt the market by enabling the next generation of truly miniaturised, longer-wear insulin pumps, a key focus for patients, physicians and the industry."

Arecor shares rose 6.9% to 140.00 pence each on Monday morning in London.

By Tom Budszus, Alliance News slot editor

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