● The company has strong fundamentals. More than 70% of listed companies have a lower mix of growth, profitability, debt and visibility criteria.

● The company has solid fundamentals for a short-term investment strategy.


● Margins returned by the company are among the highest on the stock exchange list. Its core activity clears big profits.

● Thanks to a sound financial situation, the firm has significant leeway for investment.

● The group usually releases upbeat results with huge surprise rates.

● The tendency within the weekly time frame is positive above the technical support level at 184.92 USD


● Stock prices approach a strong long-term resistance in weekly data at USD 236.21.

● Technically, the stock approaches a strong medium-term resistance at USD 236.21.

● According to forecast, a sluggish sales growth is expected for the next fiscal years.

● The company's enterprise value to sales, at 3.69 times its current sales, is high.

● The firm pays small or no dividend to shareholders. For that reason, it is not a yield company.