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ANGLE PLC chief executive Andrew Newland discussed significant advancements in the company's technology, including a European patent for the CellKeep slide, with US intellectual property protection from the US set to follow soon.

Newland told Proactive's Stephen Gunnion that CellKeep significantly improves the deposition of cancer cells on microscope slides, a common issue in medical laboratories. This method notably reduces cell loss during the transfer process by over 70%, addressing a longstanding problem in the industry. The innovation involves a special funnel attached to the slide, allowing gentle centrifugation and liquid removal while maintaining cell integrity, thereby increasing the effectiveness of subsequent analyses.

Additionally, Newland highlighted the development of optimized antibodies for cell phenotyping, which are integrated into ANGLE's Parsortix system. This integration is packaged as the Portrait Plus CTC Staining Kit, simplifying the process for less experienced labs and extending market reach. The kit includes a mix of dehydrated antibodies, designed for ease of use and long shelf life, enhancing the diagnostic process's reliability and efficiency.

Commercially, ANGLE has introduced these innovations in a comprehensive kit format, priced at £3,000 for ten samples, significantly enhancing the company’s value offering.

Newland also touched on ANGLE’s positive business trajectory, mentioning a breakthrough in DNA profiling and a substantial contract with a major pharmaceutical company, which could potentially yield significant revenues through the development of companion diagnostics.

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