AMD announced that Sun Singapore Systems Pte. Ltd. is deploying a new AI-based smart parking solution, powered by AMD Zynq?? UltraScale+??

MPSoC devices. The intelligent solution improves the accuracy of vehicle license plate recognition and enables advanced features like parking spot vacancy detection, lane jam, accident detection, and parking violation enforcement. Sun Singapore's new AI-based smart parking system uses PlanetSpark's EdgeAI Box X7, which is powered by FPGA-based AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs.

Aupera Technologies also helped design and develop FPGA firmware and AI vision solutions for accurate license plate reading. The resulting solution provides low latency, energy efficiency, and real-time AI inferencing at the edge. FPGAAs provide the long lifecycle demanded by edge devices, with the hardware flexibility to adapt to changing AI models, algorithms and evolving demands and standards.

Currently, the technology inside most electronic parking systems in Singapore is more than two decades old. Legacy infrastructure lacks AI inferencing which can deliver more system functions and features. This new solution will enhance the system greatly, allowing the data generated through AI to provide advanced reporting to car park operators.

With the AMD solution utilizing the most up-to-date technology, enabling license plate reading accuracy of 99% as well as updated parking spot vacancy detection and parking violation enforcement, Sun Singapore is now able to provide a total solution for smart parking.