Ajooni Biotech Limited, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Unati Agri-Allied & Marketing Multi State Cooperative Society Limited (UAMMCL). This partnership aims to enhance PURE VEG. Cattle feed business through forward and backward integration, encompassing Raw Material Supply, Warehousing, Storage, Consumer Connectivity & Research and Development within the operational area.

As part of its strategic growth plan, Ajooni will adopt modern irrigation techniques for cultivating Moringa plants. In collaboration with UAMMCL, the company will initiate the Moringa plantation process from the ground up, progressing to the processing of Moringa leaves and seeds to manufacture final products, focusing on both PURE VEG. animal and human nutrition as well as renewable energy solutions.

Unati Agri-Allied & Marketing Multi State Cooperative Society Limited (UAMMCL) is a prominent organization focused on the development of sustainable agricultural supply chains and the integration of stakeholders in Northern India. UAMMCL is actively involved in developing sustainable agri-supply chains, integrating various stakeholders across five states in Northern India. This collaboration is set to bolster the agricultural sector by creating robust, sustainable supply chains and promoting innovative agricultural practices.

UAMMCL is supported by Department of Biotechnology (Government of India) & Punjab State Council For Science & Technology. The company is expecting substantial additional increase in Turnover & additional excellent Margin from this MOU. Moringa is regarded as a miraculous tree due to the utilization of every part of it.

Renewable energy: Moringa oil is made from crushing moringa seed and moringa oil is having characteristics of making aviation oil. Biodiesel from moringa oil. It is successfully used in different parts of world as a raw material for manufacturing of Biodiesel.

Bark of Moringa is used to make charcoal and it is further processed and can be used in Electric vehicle as Lithium. (Research papers are already published regarding this) Moringa leaves are used in Nutraceutical Industries as Raw material. Moringa leaves are anti inflammatory in nature due to the presence of isothiocyanates.

Moringa leaves stabilize blood sugar. Moringa leaves are rich in amino acid and 18 types of amino acids are found in Moringa. Moringa branches are shredded in small pieces and are used as a fodder.

Moringa oil cake is a rich source of oil and Protein and can be replaced by Mustard cake, Cotton cake & this further reduces the cost of Animal feed. Moringa used in PURE VEG. Cattle feed improves the nutritional value of feed & it improves the overall health of cattle and increases milk by 10 to 15% of cattle.