Business description: AF Gruppen ASA

Af Gruppen ASA is a Norway-based contractor and industrial group. The Company has activities within facilities, construction, real estate, energy and the environment, as well as offshore. AF carries out all types of construction projects within transport, infrastructure and hydropower throughout Norway and Sweden. As a general contractor, the Company engages in the entire value chain from development and engineering to construction. AF is also working on rehabilitation, reconstruction and additions (ROT).Its real estate business develops real estate concepts such as offices for rent or homes for sale. AF Energi has a wide range of services within energy and technical subjects. In terms of environmental services AF is contractor in the field of demolition and environmental remediation of buildings and constructions. The Company takes care of offshore installations removal and recycling, as well as air and cooling systems.

Number of employees: 5,824

Sales by Activity: AF Gruppen ASA

Fiscal Period: December20192020202120222023


10.58B 9.46B 8.86B 11.09B 10.18B


3.68B 4.14B 4.32B 7.44B 7.5B


5.79B 4.16B 6B 5.92B 6.78B


1.23B 7.86B 7.17B 5.14B 4.55B

Energy and Environment

1.07B 962M 1.15B 1.06B 1.42B


679M 672M 848M 1.24B 1.08B

Other Segments

85M 106M 150M 107M 171M

GAAP Adjustments

25M 106M 75M -203M -235M


-544M -470M -754M -627M -945M


18M 33M 35M 30M 27M
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Geographical breakdown of sales: AF Gruppen ASA

Fiscal Period: December20192020202120222023


- 20.63B 20.59B 22.36B 21.2B


- 6.33B 7.25B 8.81B 9.25B

Other Countries

- 58M 27M 33M 84M
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Managers: AF Gruppen ASA

Insider TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 46 -
Director of Finance/CFO 50 31/08/22
Corporate Officer/Principal - 31/08/22
Corporate Officer/Principal 45 -
Corporate Officer/Principal 56 31/12/99
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Members of the board: AF Gruppen ASA

Insider TitleAgeSince
Chairman 56 31/03/97
Director/Board Member 54 31/12/98
Director/Board Member 61 10/05/12
Director/Board Member 40 11/05/16
Director/Board Member 41 31/12/07
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Shareholders: AF Gruppen ASA

17,972,233 16.69 % 223 M kr
16.21 %
17,459,483 16.21 % 217 M kr
15,338,012 14.24 % 191 M kr
8.422 %
9,070,140 8.422 % 113 M kr
2,515,217 2.335 % 31 M kr
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Holdings: AF Gruppen ASA

52,200 0.05% 649,099 $

Company details: AF Gruppen ASA

AF Gruppen ASA

Innspurten 15

0663, Oslo

+47 22 89 11 00
address AF Gruppen ASA(AFG)

Group companies: AF Gruppen ASA

NameCategory and Sector
Environmental Services
Real Estate Development
Engineering & Construction
Engineering & Construction
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Other Construction & Engineering

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Change 5d. change 1-year change 3-years change Capi. ($)
-1.76%-4.14%+2.13%-28.00% 1.34B
-0.85%+0.19%-2.33%+17.03% 65.48B
-0.54%-3.22%+36.08%+118.33% 58.13B
-4.74%+2.85%+23.61%+185.69% 38.71B
+2.76%+4.10%+1.64%+19.44% 31.12B
-0.72%+0.58%+27.69%+56.34% 30.74B
+0.67%+1.63%+26.34%+53.51% 20.31B
+1.74%+2.56%-14.74%+19.33% 19.86B
-5.93%-1.25%+87.29%+193.70% 17.82B
+11.57%+11.57%+75.88%+233.71% 16.46B
Average +0.22%+1.19%+26.36%+86.91% 30B
Weighted average by Cap. -0.25%+0.90%+22.70%+87.51%
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