Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc announced that its new US LiquiBand route-to-market strategy is fully operational following the successful signing of all three hospital distribution agreements. The structure of each of these five-year agreements has been designed to accelerate market share gains and build on the underlying momentum already established by AMS and its partners in this growing $270 million market. This new strategy will enable more product and brand differentiation that will be further strengthened following the expected approval of the Connexicon range in 2024.

Furthermore, the new route-to-market strategy has established a stronger marketing platform to enable the recently launched LiquiBand XL to gain traction in the US market through all three distribution channels and to build on the success that the product has already achieved, further accelerating overall LiquiBand growth. The company can confirm that each of partners have now completed the transition to the new agreements and throughout the transition, end-user sales have not been affected and there has been no impact on customers. In addition, normal order patterns have resumed for all three partners.