US 10Y Cash

Taux d'interêt

Delayed OTC Data Services 00:03:08 20/07/2024 BST 5-day change 1st Jan Change
4.241 %  0.000 Intraday chart for US 10Y Cash +1.343 +9.122

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US 30Y CASH 4.449 % +0.798
US 20Y CASH 4.556 % +0.899
US 10Y CASH 4.241 % +1.111
US 7Y CASH 4.187 % +1.223
US 5Y CASH 4.17 % +1.522
US 3Y CASH 4.29 %  -8.599
US 2Y CASH 4.522 % +0.251
US 1Y 4.877 %  -1.574
US 6M 5.187 %  -0.206
US 3M 5.318 %  -0.596
US 2M 5.352 %  -0.043
US 1M 5.346 %  -0.092
US 30Y INFLATION INDEXED 2.126 %  -0.608
US 10Y INFLATION INDEXED 1.946 % +4.590
US 5Y INFLATION INDEXED 1.969 % +2.084
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