Piazza Affari starts the week up slightly thanks to a rebound in banks amid sluggish European stock markets.

A nervous week lies ahead, marked by anticipation for the first round of parliamentary elections in France and the U.S. inflation figure (Pce), while the geopolitical environment remains tense in Ukraine, the Middle East and in trade relations between the West and China.

Around 9:35 a.m., the Ftse Mib rose 0.5 percent.

Banks rebound after recent declines, with the sector index up 1.3%. Bper Banca (+3.1%) shines, followed by Mps (+2.3%), Unicredit and Banco Bpm (both around +1.6%). Among financials, Poste is down (-1%).

Purchases also on the automotive sector with Stellantis +1.7%.

Volatile Fincantieri (-1%) on first day of capital increase, with rights falling 20% as investors adjust their positions in light of the 400 million recapitalization (+100 million in warrants) aimed at acquiring Uas (formerly Wass) from Leonardo.

(Claudia Cristoferi, editing Sabina Suzzi)