Market Closed - Dubai FM 11:42:46 23/07/2024 BST 5-day change 1st Jan Change
4,203.01 PTS +0.57% Intraday chart for DFM Index DFMGI +2.31% +3.57%
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Sukoon Insurance to Halt Trading on Dubai Bourse MT
Sukoon Takaful to Halt Trading in Dubai MT
International Financial Advisors Resumes Trading on Dubai Bourse MT
UAE-based Telco Du Resumes Trading on Dubai Bourse MT
UAE Shares Close Mix as Biden Stands Down, Economic Data in Focus MT
UAE-based Telco Du to Halt Trading in Dubai MT
GFH Financial Gets Regulatory Nod for Appointment of Liquidity Provider MT
UAE, Slovenia Hold Political Consultations to Boost Relations MT
Global IT Outage Shocks Markets; Emirati Shares in Green MT
UAE, Seychelles Central Banks to Set Up Local Currency Cross Border Transactions MT
Dubai Airline Company Emirates' Operations Unaffected by IT Disruption MT
Dubai International Airport Resumes Normal Operations After System Outage MT
CrowdStrike Says Outage Not a Cyberattack MT
CrowdStrike Says Issue Affecting Windows Identified; Fix Deployed MT
Dubai International Financial Centre Signs Partnership with Indonesia's Nusantara Capital Authority MT
Ajman Bank Resumes Trading on Dubai Bourse MT
Dubai's Kilimanjaro Energy to Expand Into China Under MoU MT
UAE Regulator Taps Abu Dhabi's Global Air Navigation Services for Training Services MT
Dubai Regulator Fines Symphony Services in Anti-Money Laundering Risk Assessment Probe MT
Emirati Stocks Extend Rally to Day 2 as Markets Focus on ECB Decision Time MT
Central Bank of the UAE Sign Payment System Partnership with Bank Indonesia MT
Ajman Bank to Halt Trading in Dubai MT
Amanat Holdings Resumes Trading on Dubai Bourse MT
UAE Government 'Actively Exploring' Construction of Second Nuclear Power Plant MT
UAE Shares Close Higher; Taqa Edges Down MT
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