Investors Crowd Into Soft-Landing Trade Ahead of Crucial Inflation Data 

Stocks and bonds have rallied ahead of Wednesday's consumer-price index report.

China to Start Sale of Ultralong Bond to Support Economy 

China will start selling the first batch of a planned $138.37 billion ultralong bond issuance this week, as Beijing looks to provide more support to the economy.

SoftBank Loses Money for Third Year in a Row 

The Japanese investment company said its net asset value nearly doubled thanks to the rising share price of its U.K. chip-design unit, Arm.

How Private Equity Can Pass Antitrust Merger Reviews 

With federal authorities trying to chill private-equity investment in healthcare, firms need strategies for clearing government reviews, according to an antitrust attorney who has helped fend off challenges to mergers.

Wealth Managers, Charities Defend Fees From Donor-Advised Funds 

"Strange bedfellows" are teaming up to oppose a Treasury Department proposal penalizing certain payments.

Wall Street Turns Up the Heat on Companies to Perform 

Shares of companies that missed first-quarter earnings estimates have slid an average of 2.8%, compared with the five-year average of a 2.3% decline.

Inflation Will Keep Dropping in 2024, Chicago Fed's Goolsbee Says 

The central banker is forecasting a 'soft landing' for the U.S. economy. His comments echo those of colleagues on the Fed, but with an extra dose of optimism.

Bar is high for another rate hike, but one can't be ruled out: Fed's Kashkari 

The bar for another Federal Reserve rate hike is high, but further tightening can't be ruled out, Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari said Friday.

The Dow Is a Terrible Index. But It Is Telling Us Something Important. 

Though anchored in the past, the Dow Jones Industrial Average captures something about the way the market changes.

Japan's Stock Market Is Booming. It Isn't All About the Weak Yen. 

Although some prominent companies such as Toyota are benefiting from a weaker Japanese currency, the broad impact is mixed.

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