STORY: :: 'No G7' protesters serve up a humble dinner

to demonstrate against the leaders' gala

:: Brindisi, Italy

:: June 13, 2024

:: Lia Tabrera, Protester

"This dinner is meant to be an opportunity to meet and criticize the G7 and the decisions that the rulers, these big ones gathered in the G7 and also the others, make on the subject of war, migration, and artificial intelligence."

:: Rosalind Innes, Protester

"We want the genocide in Gaza to stop. Here very close they're talking about increased aid for Israel, increased aid for the genocide. We are here against the genocide."

The organizers of the "No G7" coordination table chose to convene a demonstration right in the centre of the southern Italian city, holding speeches against the leaders' decisions but also serving typical humble food.

The evening's menu included friselle, a typical local bread, cous cous, and was accompanied by the pizzica, a popular dance characteristic of the region.

The G7 consists of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States, and the European Union, and their leaders are meeting in the southern Italian region of Puglia from June 13-15.