STORY: :: The mother of Andrey Kozlov, a hostage freed from

Gaza, says she's the 'happiest' she's ever been

:: June 11, 2024

:: Evgeniia Kozlova, Mother of Andrey Kozlov

"For a few minutes I probably didn't know how to react. But then I started laughing. And I've been laughing all the time ever since. I'm absolutely happy. When I see a familiar person that I have met when we were rescuing Andrey, that I met at the rallies, the parents, our officers, I start laughing, hugging people, because probably the happiness that I feel now, I have never felt in my life."

:: Jennifer Master, Andrey Kozlov's girlfriend

"He is smiling right now also, but he is very emotional. He is broken, and he needs time to heal and to fix his mind. He doesn't know what to decide, like, it's hard for him to make decisions, and the first night he also whispered, he talked to me like this (WHISPERING), he whispered. And I always say, and I always tell him, 'Andrey talk like this, you can talk, talk'."

Andrey Kozlov, 27, was rescued along with 21-year-old Almog Meir Jan and 40-year-old Shlomi Ziv by Israeli special forces who raided the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza on Saturday in an operation Israeli officials said took weeks of planning and preparation.

Another Israeli hostage, 26-year-old Noa Argamani, was rescued from a nearby building during the same operation, which ended in a dramatic raid during which more than 200 Palestinians were killed, according to Gaza health authorities.