Multi-chain: with the ambition of interconnecting different blockchains, the technology behind Polkadot allows to receive information from different blockchains, to process them and then to send them back to the source chain of Polkadot. Moreover, it allows to create decentralized applications (Dapps) but also to execute smart contracts as many competitors. At Polkadot we apply the principle of "sharding", in other words, we will divide the main blockchain to avoid concentrating all the transaction blocks on it. This allows us to create parachains (parallel chain). Thus each parachain has its own history and its own network supporting its own tokens, nodes and smart contracts. Interoperability is the core potential of the platform by placing Polkadot as the backbone network (Relay Chain) between all parachains.


Polkadot's native token is the DOT. it is required for the execution of features on the Polkadot ecosystem, including the payment of transaction fees. Thanks to the interoperability of its blockchain, it is possible to transfer data from a private blockchain to a public blockchain while ensuring a secure and transparent environment.