By Ben Glickman

Attorney General Merrick Garland has officially initiated the process to reschedule marijuana, the Justice Department said Thursday, moving a proposal to reclassify it as a less dangerous drug one step closer to enactment.

The Justice Department said that Garland had submitted a notice of proposed rulemaking to the Federal Register, starting the process of evaluating a schedule change.

The process also involves a period for public comment, plus the consideration of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Marijuana has been classified as a Schedule I substance, the government's most restrictive classification, since 1970. The proposed rule would move the drug to a Schedule III classification, making it accessible with a medical prescription.

A proposal for the rule change was submitted late last month to the White House for review. President Biden called on regulators to reconsider the classification in 2022.

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05-16-24 1410ET