in which South African mom Lungile Zenda tries to teach her daughter how to say a sentence in their native language, Zulu.

The video has over three million views, with many laughing emojis in the comments.

But Zenda's humorous home Zulu teaching videos have also gained a following because viewers can relate to them.

In South Africa, where English is the dominant language of work and education, some children are losing proficiency in their mother tongues, the most common of which are Zulu and Xhosa.

"When we started having to do home-schooling and so forth and I realized there wasn't a lot of emphasis in the Zulu at school, but also even at home, I wasn't exposing her much to Zulu, which is when I decided actually I think this would be the perfect time to start teaching her."

With over 150,000 followers, Lungile's TikTok channel is sparking conversations about the importance of linguistic diversity and cultural preservation.

She says it's also a fun bonding activity with her daughter Luyanda:

"I do feel more connected to my peers and other friends and family members and now that I can speak a bit more Zulu.

South Africa has 12 officially recognized languages.

Most schools teach in English from grade 4 with an option to take a second language, although the offerings differ.