Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO of Klarna, confirms that the company is seriously considering an IPO, especially as it has firmly established itself in the US, its largest market in terms of revenue, with almost 40 million users and a profitable business.

Klarna has recently launched strategic partnerships, notably with Uber, and is preparing to launch a credit card. Siemiatkowski stresses the importance of these developments in strengthening Klarna's market presence. As for the choice of venue for the IPO, he remains open to possibilities.

He attributes Klarna's success in the US to a growing demand for alternatives to traditional credit cards, citing a McKinsey study and increased consumer sensitivity to unfavourable banking practices. Klarna responds to this need with simple, interest-free, fixed-payment credit products that appeal to around 20% of the US population.

Discussing Klarna's product strategy, Siemiatkowski explains that the new credit card aims to extend the use of Klarna's services to all merchants, not just partner merchants.

Klarna is also using artificial intelligence in its customer service, replacing the tasks of 700 employees, thereby increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. This innovation underlines Klarna's commitment to using technology to improve the customer experience while reducing costs.

He concluded by discussing Klarna's financial outlook, anticipating continued revenue growth while reducing costs through technological innovation and effective human resource management.


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