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Nordic stocks rose Monday, with the OMX Nordic 40 Index rising 0.7%.

Nolato AB Series B was the biggest leader among large stocks during the session, increasing 6.0%, and Yubico AB increased 5.3%. Borr Drilling Ltd. rounded out the top three leaders on Monday, with shares rising 4.6%.

Loomis AB posted the largest decline, dropping 8.4%, followed by Bakkafrost P/F shares, which dropped 5.3%. Shares of Carlsberg A/S Series A fell 4.2%.

In Denmark, the OMX Copenhagen 20 Index increased 0.2%, and the OMX Helsinki 25 Index, which tracks Finland's most-traded stocks, rose 1.2%.

Stocks on Sweden's OMX Stockholm 30 Index rose 0.9%, and Norway's Oslo Exchange Benchmark Index_GI rose 1.4%. Shares in Iceland decreased, with the OMX Iceland All-Share PI Equity Index dropping 0.4%.

Elsewhere in Europe, the STOXX Europe 600 Index increased 0.5%, while the London Stock Exchange was closed.

In Asia, China's Shanghai Composite Index was up 1.2%, while Japan's Tokyo Stock Exchange was closed.

In commodities news, Brent crude oil futures were unchanged, while gold futures were up 1.2%. Bitcoin was down 0.5% to $63,573.

On the currency front, the WSJ Dollar Index held steady at 99.51.

Against the euro, the Norwegian krone was up 0.3%, the Swedish krona was flat, the Danish krone was flat, the Icelandic krona was flat, and the U.S. dollar was down 0.1%.

Against the U.S. dollar, the Norwegian krone was up 0.4%, the Swedish krona was up 0.1%, the euro was up 0.1%, the Danish krone was up 0.1%, and the Icelandic krona was up 0.1%.

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05-06-24 1245ET