Will Rhind, CEO of GraniteShares, talks about the meteoric rise of the GraniteShares 2x Long NVDA Daily ETF (NVDL), which offers double leverage on NVIDIA shares. The fund's performance has been remarkable, with a total return of around 1,500%. It has a daily trading volume of one billion dollars and appeals to a range of investors, from individuals to institutional investors.

The CEO stressed that the success of the NVDL ETF lies in its ease of access and to competitive pricing conditions, previously reserved for institutional investors. He explained that, although complex and costly, leverage becomes much more affordable within an ETF. The simplicity of buying, at the click of a button, also contributes to its popularity.

He notes that the ETF market is rapidly adapting to investor interest in hot stocks and recalls that three years ago, Tesla was at the centre of attention and generated a multitude of derivatives. Today, NVIDIA has taken over and is considered the most influential stock on the market, which has led to the creation of an ecosystem of financial products revolving around it.

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