Energy: A new sequence of gains for oil, which remains sensitive to the intensification of geopolitical tensions in Ukraine and the Middle East. The Ukrainian army once again targeted oil installations in Russia, raising questions about supply risks at a time when the International Energy Agency sees the oil market tightening compared with its latest forecasts. At the same time, US inventories fell by 2 million barrels this week. In terms of prices, Brent crude is trading higher at around USD 86, while WTI is trading at around USD 82.

Metals: A week of consolidation for industrial metals, which have moved up and down in recent sessions, penalized by the strength of the US dollar. A tonne of copper is trading at around USD 8870, aluminum at USD 2200 and zinc at around USD 2465. Gold, on the other hand, is regaining ground, supported by the Fed's accommodative stance, which opens the door to a first rate cut in June. The barbaric relic is trading at around USD 2175 an ounce.

Agricultural products: In Chicago, the price of corn remains on a downward trend, with a bushel still trading at around 440 cents. Wheat prices are more neutral, with a bushel nibbling away at 550 cents.