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International stocks trading in New York closed higher on Wednesday, as the S&P/BNY Mellon index of American depositary receipts rose 1.7% to 177.21.

The European index added 1.1% to 169.41. The Asian index gained 2.4% to 211.02. The Latin American index added 1.2% to 216.51, while the emerging-markets index gained 2.5% to 333.42.

China's Dada Nexus Ltd. was the biggest leader during the session, soaring 30% to $2.56, and United Kingdom-based Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC jumped 17.1% to $1.71. Hesai Group, which is based in China, rounded out the top three leaders on Wednesday, with shares surging 16.9% to $5.46.

SOS Ltd., based in China, posted the largest decline, plunging 16.7% to $2.54, followed by shares of United Kingdom's TC BioPharm (Holdings) PLC, which plunged 16.7% to $1.05. Shares of Israel-based Quoin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. tumbled 13.3% to $1.30.

Data source: Dow Jones Market Data, FactSet.

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