Virginia McDowell

Virginia McDowell

Director/Board Member at ENTAIN PLC

66 year
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Ms. Virginia M.
is an Independent Non-Executive Director at Entain Plc, a Member at The Regional Business Council and a President & Director at IOC-Natchez, Inc. She is on the Board of Directors at Entain Plc, American Gaming Association, Churchill Center & School, HavenHouse St. Louis, United Way of Greater St. Louis, IOC-Natchez, Inc. and St. Louis University.
Ms. McDowell was previously employed as a President, Chief Executive Officer & Director by Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc., a Chief Information Officer & Senior VP-Operations by TER Holdings I, Inc., a Senior VP-Operations, Sales & Marketing by Argosy Gaming Co., a General Manager-East Coast by Casino Data Systems, a Vice President-Business Development by Tropicana Atlantic City Corp., a Vice President by Global Gaming Women, and a Trustee by International Center for Responsible Gaming.
She received her undergraduate degree from Temple University (Pennsylvania).

Virginia McDowell active positions

ENTAIN PLC Director/Board Member 31/05/2018
Director/Board Member 27/09/2011
HavenHouse St. Louis Director/Board Member -
The Regional Business Council Corporate Officer/Principal -
Churchill Center & School Director/Board Member -
St. Louis University Director/Board Member -
President -
Director/Board Member -
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Former positions of Virginia McDowell

ISLE OF CAPRI CASINOS Chief Executive Officer 26/04/2016
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Temple University (Pennsylvania) Undergraduate Degree

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