Romain Camille Zaleski

Romain Camille Zaleski

Chief Executive Officer at Carlo Tassara SpA

91 year
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Boss of the holding company Carlo Tassara International, Romain Zaleski is the eighth richest man in France according to the professional magazine Challenges. Arcelor shareholders with 7.8%, he holds 13% of French metals group Eramet, 2% stake in the insurer Generali and 3% stake in Vinci alongside another Baron, Francois Pinault.

Son of an intellectual Polish and a mother doctor, Romain Zaleski grew up in a famous family of the Polish aristocracy. In 1943, his father, who had joined the resistance is arrested in France before being deported to Buschenwald. A year later, it was his mother who was deported to Ravensbruck.

In 1951, Romain Zaleski accessit gets a diploma in math and physics, which opened the doors of Polytechnic in 1953. In 1958, he graduated from the famous Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris before joining the civil service. He worked in various ministries including the Ministry of Industry before leaving in 1972 for Revillon, a financial company where he worked for seven years.

During his consulting projects he did for Camilog, he visits the factory of steel Carlo Tassara that has cash flow problems.
Convinced that intelligent management would avoid the bankruptcy, he took the helm and he avoids bankruptcy. This successful experience encouraged him to invest in multiple companies specializing in steel and energy. In recent years, he is considered as a specialist of business rescue in peril.

In Italy, he has invested in many banks. He is a notable, especially since the day where he allowed EDF to get Montedison.
In 2005, His rigor and discretion allow him to be an intermediate in the transaction that allows the merger of Arcelor and Mittal.

In 2009, Romain Zaleski has seen his fortune reduced by over 60% becoming the fourth richest man in France.

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Chief Executive Officer 31/12/1983
Chairman 05/12/2019
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ARCELORMITTAL Director/Board Member 04/03/2008
Director/Board Member 18/11/2007
MITTEL S.P.A. Director/Board Member -
Director/Board Member -
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