Axel Dumas

Axel Dumas

Chief Executive Officer at HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL

Net worth: 28 M $ as of 30/05/2024

53 year
Consumer Non-Durables
Distribution Services


Axel Dumas is a French businessperson who has been the head of 42 different companies. Currently, he occupies the position of Chairman for Isamyol 26, Chairman for Isamyol 24, Chairman at Hermès China Trading, Manager at MAÏA Group SA, Manager of Immauger, Manager at Axam 2, Chairman of Hermès of Paris, Inc., Chairman for Hermes Japon Co., Ltd., Chairman of Hermès Korea Ltd., Chairman for Hermès China, Chairman at Hermès Sellier SAS and Co-Executive Chairman-Management Board at Hermès International SCA. Axel Dumas is also Manager of Mathel and on the board of 5 other companies. In the past Mr. Dumas held the position of Executive Chairman of SCI Édouard VII, Chairman at Hermes de Paris Mexico SA de CV, Chairman for Immobilière du 5 rue de Fürstemberg, Executive Chairman for SCI Boissy Nontron, Chairman at Cie Hermes De Participations 2, Chairman at Isamyol 25, Chairman for Isamyol 27, Chairman for Isamyol 28, Executive Chairman at Sci Honossy, Co-Executive Chairman at SCI Les Capucines, Chairman of Isamyol 33, Chairman of Isamyol 32, Chairman of Isamyol 31, Chairman for Isamyol 30, Chairman for Isamyol 29, Chairman at Cie Hermès De Participations 3, Chairman of Maroquinerie de Normandie, Chairman at Tannerie De Vivoin, Member-Management Board at Grafton Immobilier, Chairman of Castille Investissements Sa, Chairman at Hermes Iberica SA, Executive Chairman at Sci Auger-Hoche, Chairman of SCI Boissy les Mûriers, Chairman at Motsch-George V, Chairman of Herlee, Chairman of Hermès Retail (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Chairman of Hermès of Hawaï, Chairman for Hermès Immobilier Genève, Chairman of Hermès Australia Pty Ltd., Chairman at Hermès Canada, Inc., Chairman at Hermès Grèce and Director at Créations Métaphores. Axel Dumas received an undergraduate degree from Sciences Po and a graduate degree from Harvard Business School.

Known holdings in public companies

CompanyDateNumber of sharesValuationValuation date
30/12/2023 11,668 ( 0.01% ) 28 M $ 30/05/2024

Axel Dumas active positions

HERMÈS INTERNATIONAL Chief Executive Officer 04/06/2013
EXOR N.V. Director/Board Member -
Isamyol 26 Chairman -
Director/Board Member -
Axam 2 Corporate Officer/Principal -
Corporate Officer/Principal -
Mathel Corporate Officer/Principal -
Director/Board Member -
Isamyol 24 Chairman -
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Training of Axel Dumas

Sciences Po Undergraduate Degree
Harvard Business School Graduate Degree

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Consumer Non-Durables


Consumer Non-Durables

Private companies62


Retail Trade

Industrial Services

Édouard VII SCI

Distribution Services

Distribution Services

Retail Trade

Auger-Hoche SCI

SCI Boissy les Mûriers

Distribution Services

Retail Trade


Consumer Durables

Process Industries


Hermes Japon Co., Ltd.

Hermès Asia Pacific Ltd.

Consumer Durables

Herlee Ltd.

Hermès Korea Ltd.

Hermès Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Hermès of Hawaï

Hermès Immobilier Genève SA

Hermès Prague as

Boissy México SA de CV

Hermès (China) Co., Ltd.

Hermès Australia Pty Ltd.

Hermès Canada, Inc.

Hermès Grèce SA

Hermès India Retail & Distributors Pvt Ltd.

Hermès Monte-Carlo SA


Retail Trade

Immauger SCI

Immobilière du 5 rue de Fürstemberg SAS

SCI Boissy Nontron


Axam 2


Consumer Non-Durables


Consumer Non-Durables

Hermes Latin America, Inc.

Isamyol 25

Isamyol 26

Isamyol 27


Isamyol 24

Honossy SCI

Les Capucines SCI (France)

Consumer Durables

Consumer Non-Durables


Isamyol 30

Isamyol 29


Distribution Services

Faubourg Middle East

Hermès (China) Trading Co., Ltd.

Consumer Non-Durables

Process Industries

Distribution Services

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